Sunday, January 31, 2010

Debra recommends Winning the College Admission Game

Do you have a high school junior who is beginning the college admission process?

Do you think your child should be ready to begin this process independently? I know, we all wish and hope, but the fact is that your student is going to need A LOT of your help. After reading this book, you'll be on top of your game and ready for action.
Winning the College Admission Game by Peter Van Buskirk addresses both parents' and students' questions and concerns. Half the book is geared toward the parent and half is for the child to read him/herself.

As the parent of a high school senior, I found the FAQs about the college application process particularly helpful. While there are many college admission self-help books out there, what makes this book different is Van Buskirk's great tips, such as what to look for during a college tour and how to survive, and even mutually enjoy, a road trip with your child. Okay, maybe mutual enjoyment is pushing it, but at least get the most out of the experience, and not have your child's opinion of a school swayed by embarrassing (but necessary!) questions you may want to ask the tour guide.

Van Buskirk seems to really understand the fine line parents walk, trying to be loving, well-intentioned adults who want to help their child find a great fit, while also making it clear that studying former American Idol contestant winners as a major is not an option.

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