Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rob recommends Hart's War by John Katzenbach

I've been recommending this book at the Reference Desk for a while now and no one has yet come back to me and said "Wow. That was a great book." But undeterred I go on recommending it. And I recommend it here. Hart's war is set in a German POW camp for captured Allied fliers. A Black pilot is accused of murdering a fellow prisoner and a White prisoner (a law student back home) is recruited to defend him. I can't say any more because this is, after all, a suspense novel. Suffice it to say that the suspense works, the racial tensions are believable and the prison camp characterizations are well-drawn. My major complaint is the nagging feeling that the novel was written with a movie in mind. You'll see what I mean.
(The movie, by the way, is only fair).

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