Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sue Recommends ABANDONED by Cody McFadyen

Cody McFadyen, author of The Darker Side, The Face of Death, and Shadow Man, continues his series of suspense novels featuring Smoky Barrett, a female and special agent with the FBI specializing in profiling serial killers in Abandoned.

Smoky herself has been the victim of one of the very psychopaths she hunts and even lost her husband and child to the same monster. In this novel, she is faced with a new type of psychopath, one who doesn't do it for the thrill, but finds a lucrative career in causing mental and mortal pain to his/her victims.

Once again readers have the opportunity to learn of procedures and insights for finding these criminals as the FBI and Smoky hunt down another serial killer and try to understand what motivates and drives the killer. Could cause some readers to want to sleep with the light on at night but once you read the first novel, Shadow Man, you won't quit until you have read them all.

It is not necessary to read them in order but in my humble opinion Shadow Man and Abandoned are the most riveting. SH

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