Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rob Says to Read Brian Haig's Books

Remember Alexander ("As of now, I am in control here in the White House.") Haig? Well, you never know from whence good writing will appear. No not from Al himself, but his son Brian has created a military lawyer series that's worth a try if you're into thrillers and don't mind a little genre-bending. The thriller part involves fast-paced plots with murder, treason and other high crimes, and a JAG (Judge Advocate General) lawyer thrown in to investigate. The genre-bending comes in with the sassy, smart-alec, insubordinate, rule-breaking, sarcastic and mistake-prone lead character Sean Drummond. Not your dad's Army officer. Drummond is a maverick in an institution not traditionally friendly to mavericks, and it's that tension that gives the plots some pizazz. That and Haig's judicious (so to speak) use of genuine military controversies: war crimes (in Secret Sanction), gay soldiers (Mortal Allies), war in Iraq (Man in the Middle).
The author himself is a graduate of West Point and former assistant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, so he know his stuff. There are six books in the series and though each can stand alone, you might as well start with Secret Sanction to get the fuller introduction to Sean Drummond.

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