Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sue suggests DeMille's John Corey series

If you haven't discovered Nelson DeMille's John Corey novels, you have treat in store for you. These thrillers (currently there are 4 with a new one in the works) combine suspense, humor and a quick reading pace to enable you to finish one and yearn for the next. DeMille is eager to build his novels on actual events such as 9/11, Flight 800 crash, terrorism, etc. Do you have to read the novels in order? I would recommend that you do or you may miss the significance of some of the allusions to people, places, and events that crop up.

If you are an audiophile, Scott Brick does a fantastic job of becoming John Corey. I enjoy his style SO much that if I see his name on the book on CD, I will pick it up. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Start your reading pleasure now with

Book 1: Plum Island
Plum Island Audio

Book 2: The Lions Game
The Lions Game Audio

Book 3: Night Fall
Night Fall Audio

Book 4: Wild Fire
Wild Fire Audio

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