Monday, October 5, 2009

Jonathan Suggests Tess's Tree

Tess's Tree by Jess M. Brailler and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds is a heartwarming picture book.

Tess loves her 175-year-old tree. It is her companion who provides her with both solace and fun. Sadly, it succumbs to a fierce lightning storm and must be removed for safety.

Tess experiences a myriad of emotions at the loss of her friend. Instead of letting her tree drift quietly out of memory she organizes a celebration of its life and the lives it touched.

This provides the stage for people of many ages to share their fondest memories of when the tree was their friend. This beautifully illustrated book by my hometown children's author/illustrator does an excellent job of relating loss in a way that children can both understand and identify with.

Tess's Tree is a wonderful book to share with the young in your life or merely the young at heart. What's your favorite memory of your tree?


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