Friday, October 30, 2009

Sue Recommends Boston Legal on DVD

There is something exhilarating about watching a film or tv show where you see beautiful shots of familiar landmarks. Not only is Boston Legal, a television series that ran from 2004-2008, a great legal drama-comedy but features the city of Boston in some exceptional photography.

The cast includes many big names--William Shatner as Denny Crane, a role quite the opposite of the serious Captain Kirk; James Spader (remembered as Daniel Jackson from
Stargate Atlantis the Movie) as Alan Shore, the brilliant, articulate, rather arrogant but witty lawyer who becomes the cast member you most love to watch; and Candace Bergen (from the TV series Murphy Brown) as Shirley Schmidt, one of the senior partners of Crane, Poole & Schmidt. Many of the cases featured are based on controversial topics of the day.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, but you will finish one season and rush out to find the next season to keep up with the shenanigans of Denny Crane and Alan Shore in this winner of 5 emmy awards out of 25 nominations. Request it today! SH

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