Monday, October 5, 2009

Rob SuggestsThe Road

Ok, I know it's now exactly a new book, but I'm never caught up enough on the older books to try to keep up with the new ones. Cormac McCarthy's bestselling book The Road (now a major motion picture, as they say) is worth every dark. apocalyptic thought that will inhabit your bright, cheery mind even after you've set the book down. After some cataclysm (war? meteor? volcano?) the man and his son are heading south to the sea in the vain hope of finding a semblance of civilization. On the road, everything is already scavenged and the few remaining people have devolved into dangerous predators. The author manages to carry off the some big themes without losing the details of a good read. As with all, books-into-movies, read the book first!

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