Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sue Recommends Smokin' Seventeen by Janet Evanovich

Stephanie Plum is back for Book 17, Smokin' Seventeen. The pressure is on to make a decision on which hunk in her life will be her only one--handsome Detective Joe Morelli or mysterious, muscle-bound Ranger. She continues to be in hilarious situations in New Jersey with her sidekick, Lula (a former prostitute), as she tracks down subjects who failed to appear in court for her bail bondsman cousin, Vinnie.

Lots of laughs are in store. Be ready to call your friends or wake your husband to read laugh out loud passages from the book. The humor is what keeps me waiting for the next book in the series--in this case, Explosive Eighteen (Nov. 22, 2011). For more fun, listen to the audiobook as the reader, Lorelei King, brings the characters to life.

Fans will also enjoy the One for the Money movie based on Evanovich's first book in the series. The cast includes Katherine Heigl as Stephanie, Sherri Shepherd as Lula, Jason O’Mara as Morelli, Daniel Sunjata as Ranger, and Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur. Evanovich sold the rights to the movie so she had no control on changes made in the story. Hope it will be just as entertaining as her books.


Trailer from rhpub group

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