Thursday, July 28, 2011

Listen to Madeleine Peyroux sing

Singer Madeeline Peyroux began her career in the Latin Quarter of Paris at age 15. Inspired by the early American blues and jazz repertoire, she honed her vocal and guitar skills in Europe. She developed an uncanny likeness in sound to Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf. The New York Times said she could "inhabit Holiday and Piaf, doing the tragic, pinched-voice thing perfectly." Her solo albums include Bare Bones, Half the Perfect World, Careless Love and Dreamland.
Her newest album, Standing on the Rooftop, explores American roots music. One of my favorite tracks, Jerome Kern's The Way You Look Tonight, is recorded on the album Got You on My Mind with William Gallison on harmonica. A somewhat overdone classic, Peyroux' version is well worth listening to - you will definitely sing along and put a smile on your face.

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