Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rob Recommends American Savior

Jesus Christ returns to run for the presidency of the United States. Sound improbable? Well, maybe not. Most of the characters in American Savior were doubters and skeptics too. But there was something to the man (other than a couple of minor miracles), something that wiped out all your cynicism and made you believe that people could rebuild a world gone wrong. Something in the man's essence--his charisma, his authenticity and his ability to connect with anyone--finally wins over Russ Thomas, the TV reporter called upon to help pull together a last minute campaign for president.
American Savior is funny; at times, very funny. Having an all-knowing/all-seeing "person" in your life can lead to some embarrassing moments. And the author, Roland Merullo, exercises little restraint in lampooning such media celebrities as Hurry Linneament, Bull O'Malley, Jim Wearer, Roger Popopoffolous, Bulf Spritzer and Ann Canter.
While not exactly sympathetic toward established religions, Merullo is at the same time both irreverent and reverent in his treatment of Christ. If you can forgive the sacreligiousness, you'll enjoy this summer read at the intersection of religion, politics and humor.

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