Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sue Recommends Reckless by Andrew Gross

Andrew Gross became well known when he co-authored books with James Patterson. However, Mr. Gross's own books are, in my opinion, much better written and the plot is much more complex and well-conceived than any that reached bestseller status with Mr. Patterson.

His latest, Reckless, integrates the idea of financial terrorism within the global banking industry that becomes deadly for those executing stock transactions. We have all been amazed in real life at the ability of these people to wreak havoc on global economies. Mr. Gross is able to take a fictional scheme and bring suspense, murder, and terror to a story that hooks the reader as a former NYPD cop, Ty Hauck, a character from Dark Tide and Don't Look Twice, and Naomi Blum, a U.S. Treasury Agent try to find the persons responsible for this financial scheme and save the global economy as major banks collapse. 5 stars in my book. Who is responsible? SH

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