Friday, June 18, 2010

Emily Recommends Three Girls and Their Brother

Three Girls and Their Brother- Theresa Rebeck

A fun, summer read Three Girls and Their Brother follows the lives of the Heller children: Amelia, Polly, Daria, and Philip. Each of the four main characters has one section told through their point of view. Daria and Polly, the eldest sisters have always wanted to model, act, and become celebrities. When their 14-year-old sister Amelia, starts to get all the attention, Daria and Polly become jealous of their sister's instant fame. Philip is neglected by not only his sisters, but also his parents and is sent away when he is seen as someone who is in the way of Amelia's success. Amelia's talent, strength, and maturity make those around her forget how young she is, and she is consistently in situations that no 14-year-old should be in. Her parents have pulled her out of school and she has become the love interest of a much older actor. In a realistic tale of young fame, follow the Hellers through their world of celebrity and disaster.

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