Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rob Recommends The X-President by Philip Baruth

So, imagine yourself as a biographer conducting interviews with the 109-year-old former President Bill Clinton in the year 2055. Pres. Clinton is being held together by a mass of artificial components, but his mind remains focused on his historical legacy. Unfortunately for him, you are prepared to maintain your academic integrity with a biography that is not entirely kind to that legacy. Suddenly, you are snatched from the comfy confines of the Clinton Presidential Library, drafted into the military to embark on a secret mission to help save the country from its enemies (both external and internal). Why you, you ask? It’s precisely because of your exhaustive knowledge of Clinton and his times, that you are being recruited to change history, change the very events which led to the national security disaster facing 2055 America. Are you prepared to serve your country? Can you get over the arrogant, duplicitous agents accompanying you? Are you ready for the danger? Can it even work?? Find out in The X-President, a 2003 novel (and NY Times Notable Book) by Philip Baruth.

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