Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mike suggests: Born Round

Like all librarians, I cannot read all of the books that come through our library, so I'm lucky to have a wife who enjoys to read (and has very different tastes than mine)--so I guess it might be best to preface this suggestion as Mike's wife suggests . . . .

If you enjoy memoirs or consider yourself a foodie, Bruni's book is sure to appeal to you. As a young man and much later into his life, Frank Bruni struggled with over-eating and bulemia--so it comes as a morbid irony when he's tapped by the New York Times to become their food critic, a highly coveted position for foodies that leads to eating almost every meal out, seven days a week. Written with a deft hand and refreshing honesty and insight, Bruni's memoir goes beyond the run-of-the-mill addict memoirs. I'm betting you'll see this on a lot of "best of" lists for 2009.

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