Monday, November 30, 2009

Sue Recommends Nine Dragons by Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly's newest Harry Bosch novel, Nine Dragons, not only takes on an International flavor but also adds a helping of technology. For those of you who do not know Harry Bosch, he is an L.A. Police Detective who always gets his man (or woman) any way he can. With this story, his investigation of the murder of a Chinese storekeeper involves Harry with one of the Asian gangs known as the Chinese Triad. Is it coincidence that his 13 year old daughter who lives in Hong Kong is abducted at the same time? Using cell phone technology to communicate via text messaging, digitized pictures, video, and other enhanced features, he is able to augment his superior investigative skills and track the suspects in an unknown country as he tries to locate his only daughter before it is too late. Will he be able to beat time and protect his loved ones from being victims of his profession? Is the threat against his family really connected to his current case in Los Angeles? The pace of the story and twists of the plot will keep the pages turning. SH

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