Friday, December 11, 2009

Jonathan Suggests: Unshelved Volume 1 What Would Dewey Do?

What Would Dewey Do? : an Unshelved collection by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum

This graphic novel answers the question to life's greatest mystery. What would Dewey do?

Dewey, our protagonist, invites us into the mysterious and often mis-understood world of libraries and their interesting inhabitants the librarian and library patron.

Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum hit the jackpot with their webcomic. Thankfully they had the insight to transform their sequential art into a visually appealing tome.

With plenty of wit and humor Barnes and Ambaum show what life is like behind the public face of every public library. Dewey may work at Mallville's Public Library but he may as well work at YourTown, USA.

Be prepared for lots of laughs with this must read for library fans and staff.

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