Monday, February 13, 2012

Sue Recommends Taken by Robert Crais

Did you enjoy the tv series Miami Vice, Hill Street Blues, and Cagney & Lacey? Robert Crais was the writer behind some of the episodes of these shoes, winning an Emmy nomination for Hill Street Blues.

His characters and stories continue to delight readers today although he has focused on creating characters who have extraordinary talent and training in special operation forces. Elvis Cole and Joe Pike have made their appearances in his earlier books. Taken introduces a third Delta Force alum and government mercenary named Jon Stone as Pike solicits his aid in saving Elvis Cole from the hands of Human Traffickers who steal illegals entering the country through Mexico from the various international cartels--Mexican, Asian, Russian, etc.

The suspense is high and the story is fast. Pay attention because thoughts and events are told through alternating scenarios expressed by the characters.

I loved the audio because the reader, Luke Daniels, portrays the characters' personalities so well. Enjoy!


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