Monday, February 13, 2012

Mike gets "Justified"

For the past few years, television has been the place to go to for a decent story as Hollywood has become addicted to blockbuster hits devoid of an intelligent plot. You may have enjoyed the exquisitely paced Mad Men, period pieces like Downton Abbey, or the social misfit humor of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but if you're still jonesing for a bit of action then you should come to the library and check out the first season of Justified. Based on a short story by the expert author/screen writer Elmore Leonard, Justified follows deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens after he's relegated to an office in the piney woods of Kentucky which just happen to be the area he was born in and spent his life trying to stay away from. His particular brand of justice is what keeps me so interested in the story; with a style that consists of equal mixes Western gunslinger, chivalrous knight, and unconventional law man, it's always what gets Raylan into trouble but is also his only way out of it. I promise you, you'll never think of a hillbilly the same way after watching this show. And for those of you who are already enjoying what may be considered Elmore Leonard's greatest work yet, you should check out Raylan, his new (and first) novel featuring the show's main character.

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