Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rob the librarian recommends The Librarian by Larry Beinhart

Larry Beinhart has a knack for turning “vast right-wing conspiracies” into believable page-turners (see my review of American Hero, May 13, 2010). In The Librarian, we have an ordinary librarian (is there such a thing??), an unassuming, work-a-day librarian finding himself entwined in a conspiracy to steal the election of the United States president. In the process, he also finds himself jumping out of windows, dodging bullets, donning disguises and all sorts of other stuff rarely taught in Library School. The Machiavellian plot brings together a billionaire, a secretary of state and a sitting Supreme Court justice (with the assistance of an Oliver North stand-in and his crew of plumbers) all united in their belief that the country must not fall into the hands of the weak, unpatriotic liberals. Even if the voters choose the weak, unpatriotic liberals. Like in American Hero, the unlikely conspiracy in clever hands (and in today’s political world where no scheme seems impossibly low and dirty), is just plausible enough to get you thinking. And truly, where else will you find a trio of courageous, swashbuckling librarians saving the nation powerful evil-doers?

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