Monday, December 6, 2010

Sue Recommends The Edge by Jeffery Deaver

If you are fan of Jeffery Deaver and love his series featuring Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance, you will love his new character, Corte, a Strategic Protection Department officer. Corte is termed a "shepherd" as he protects targets from the "lifter" who is hired by a "primary" to gain information from the innocent target by any means. All of this is for the purpose of giving the primary "the edge."

In The Edge, Corte employs strategies and theories from his love of board games as well as his multiple degrees of higher education to outwit the lifter and identify the primary. The thrills and non-stop action he affords the reader make for a quick read.

Deaver has found another avenue to explore fighting crime with this new character. There is word that this is only the beginning of another wonderful series. Hats off to Mr. Deaver for proving he has yet another story to tell. Highly Recommended. SH

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