Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rob Recommends David Sedaris on CD

I became a fan of David Sedaris from the first time I heard him on NPR lo those many years ago. I still crack up when I hear Santaland Diaries. For those unfamiliar with him, Sedaris is a storyteller. Readers learn all the intimate details of his growing up, his eccentric family, his gay awareness and later his relationship with his boyfriend Hugh. All of his books are funny and worth reading. The humor is varied enough so that there will be sly humor, wincing painful humor, smile-to-yourself pieces, I've-got-to-share-this humor, laugh out loud stories and the old eyes-tearing-I've-got-to-stop-reading humor. As good as his books are to read, I highly recommend listening to him read his stories. He's as much a performer as he is a writer and he is the reader for all of his audiobooks in the Library.

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