Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Best Book about the Vietnam War

Our Vietnam : The War 1954-1975
by Langguth, A. J.

Historian and journalist A. J. Langguth delivers an authoritative account of the war based on official documents not available earlier and on new reporting from both the American and Vietnamese perspectives.

In Our Vietnam, Langguth takes us inside the waffling and deceitful White Houses of Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon. Langguth documents the ineptness and corruption of our South Vietnamese allies, and recounts the bravery of soldiers on both sides of the war.

With its broad sweep and keen insights, Our Vietnam brings together the kaleidoscopic events and personalities of the war into one engrossing and unforgettable narrative.

Langguth was a New York Times Vietnam Saigon bureau chief during the war. His narrative style allows him to tell the story of America's involvement in Vietnam like an exciting political thriller. What sets his book apart from other Vietnam books is his interviews with important but lesser known American and Vietnamese eyewitnesses. If you want one book to learn about the Vietnam War this is it.


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