Monday, July 26, 2010

Sue Recommends The Lion by Nelson DeMille

Yes! Nelson DeMille's newest book in the John Corey series, The Lion, has been released! Those of us who yearn for him to release another book starring John as soon as we finish one are ecstatic to have a sequel to his encounters with the Libyan terrorist you love to hate--Asad Khalil. This time Khalil has the financial backing of Al-Qaeda in exchange for his participation in a terrorist act for them along the lines of another 9/11. You can count on nonstop action to keep you turning pages. For even more entertainment, try the audio recording of the book read by Scott Brick. He truly brings John Corey to life!

If you have not read The Lion's Game, you will want to read it first to understand the history Corey, a former NYPD police Homicide Detective and special agent to the Anti-Terrorist Task Force, and Khalil have. The rest of the series does not have to be read in order but the books do occasionally make references to events and people in earlier books. Start from the beginning and enjoy them all! SH

Plum Island (Book 1)
The Lion's Game (Book 2)
Night Fall (Book 3)
Wildfire (Book 4)

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