Friday, July 30, 2010

Jonathan Recommends: Get Capone

Capone was one of the first international criminal celebrities. He exemplified Horatio Alger at its best, and worst. In Get Capone : the secret plot that captured America's most wanted gangster by Jonathan Eig we remove the myth and get to the reality that was and is Al "Scarface" Capone.

This thrilling part true crime part biographical account of Capone's criminal empire makes the perfect read for non-fiction lovers. It is superbly researched, accessible, and cited.

Eig doesn't just tell the story of Capone's rise and downfall; he immerses the reader in the events. If you read and enjoy this, then I suggest reading Al Capone : the biography of a self-made man by Fred D. Pasley, written during Capone's lifetime. This title is available through Interlibrary Loan, just ask at the Reference Desk.

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