Thursday, April 26, 2012

What ifs of American History

What Ifs? of American History : Eminent Historians Imagine What Might Have Been
     edited by Robert Cowley

 An all-American collection of essays on the pivotal moments in our nation's history by award-winning historians, the third in the bestselling series. The "what if" concept is one of the most original and engaging on the current history bookshelf. The essays are chock-full of provocative ideas; they are as accessible to the general reader as they are to the scholar; and they are the perfect gift for the dedicated history buff on anyone's list. In this new collection of never-before-published essays, our brightest historians speculate about some of America's more intriguing crossroads.

Each historian examines a pivotal event, then considers the ramifications had the event come out differently. Contributor's include;David McCullough,James M. McPherson,Tom Wicker and Robert Dallek. Some of my favorites are Beyond the Wildest Dreams of John Wilkes Booth by Jay Winik and The Cuban Missile Crisis: Second Holocaust by Robert L. O'Connell.

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