Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sue Recommends The Drop by Michael Connelly

Harry Bosch is back better than ever in Michael Connelly's latest release, The Drop. Lately Connelly has been known for his Mickey Haller (Bosch's half brother) books, mostly due to the release of the Lincoln Lawyer movie.

For diehard Connelly followers, such as me, Harry Bosch is the preferred character. Perhaps it is because he knows all of the tricks and has great insights necessary to solve crimes where the forensics don't spell out the killer. The Drop has so many twists and turns as Harry learns he cannot even trust his partner as he tries to find out whether the son of a former foe in the police department and L.A. council member committed suicide or was thrown to his death. What is suspicious is that this council member requested Harry--a little political intrigue afoot.

If you haven't read the Harry Bosch series, you are in for a treat. Do you have to read them in order? No, but they are more meaningful if you understand some of the relationships and cases that may be referred to in the current novel. Happy reading!


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