Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sue Recommends The Delta Solution by Patrick Robinson

Patrick Robinson combines two elements that have made national news in the last year--pirates of Somalia and the daunting Navy Seals--in his newest international thriller, The Delta Solution. No one is safe from these Somalian "businessmen" (as the pirates like to call themselves), even ships carrying food and aid to the starving people of their own country.

This is the third military thriller in the Mark Bedford series, the first two being Diamondhead (2009) and Intercept (2010). Mark Bedford returns to active military service as an instructor who is drafted to lead a team of hand-picked Seals in shutting down the out of control piracy in the Indian Ocean. He is not a stranger to terrorists, having battled them in Iraq and Pakistan (in his two earlier books). Lots of action and thrills for those who enjoy books by Vince Flynn, Steve Berry, and James Rollins. SH

Of note is that Robins0n lives in Ireland but spends his summers in our own Cape Cod.


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