Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sue Recommends The Fallen by Mark Terry

Have you been missing the heroics and fearlessness of Jack Bauer of tv's 24 television show? Mark Terry's Derek Stillwater is here to take his place.

The Fallen is the third of the Derek Stillwater novels and considered by some to be his best so far. This novel brings Homeland Security undercover agent Stillwater face to face with the leader of The Fallen Angels and former partner who was believed to be dead at the G8 conference in Colorado Springs. What can this one man accomplish through quick thinking and raw heroism to protect world leaders and the world from these irrational terrorists with unreasonable demands?

After reading this novel, I will be picking up the first two with Derek Stillwater. Mr. Terry has Book 4 in the series coming out in June which involves biological and nuclear weapons threatening U. S. election day. I am looking forward to the thrills Stillwater next adventure, Valley of Shadows, will add to my life in June.


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