Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sue Recommends Secret Soldier by Alex Berenson

Berenson's newest John Wells novel, Secret Soldier, is published as the real time political unrest in the Middle East and Africa is taking place.

This fifth title in the series has John Wells working and utilizing his CIA skills as a freelancer for King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Abdullah suspects his brother is plotting against him to bring about his overthrow with the use of terrorists so he can take the throne in his stead. Wells, with the help of a partner and his former CIA contacts, moves undercover throughout the region , tapping his background as an Islamist and undercover Osama Bin Laden follower. His mission is to break apart the puzzle of the plot that involves kidnapping, torture, and gunfire to turn the entire Middle East against the King and the United States.

George Guidall is the narrator of the audiobook. He is a well regarded actor and has narrated books by Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, Wally Lamb, Elie Wiesel, and John Connolly. The audio recording will keep you in suspense waiting for what will happen next.


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