Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rob Finally Recommends Stieg Larsson

If you've just now splashed down from a two-year stint on the space shuttle during which time the communications module was on the blink or if the monastery where you've been staying discouraged contact with the outside world, or if you're too young to read this, then you might not have heard of the Millennium Trilogy/Stieg Larsson/Girl Who...series. For those who have read (and enjoyed) these page turners, what's left but to see the movies, hope for a fourth book and troll the Internet looking for bits and pieces of Larssonia scattered about by other hapless fans. In an act of mercy, I'm giving away a few morsels of Stieg Larsson trivia which you may not have heard yet:
*At age 15, the author witnessed a rape and was helpless to stop it.
*In Swedish, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was titled Men Who Hate Women.
*Larsson died climbing up 7 flights of stairs because of a broken elevator.
*Out of revolutionary solidarity, he spent a year training women guerrillas in Eritrea during the war for independence from Ethiopa.
*The trilogy was originally intended to be a decalogy.
*In Stockholm, Millennium Tours will take you to the 7-Eleven where Lisbeth bought her Billy's Pan Pizza...
For those who have not yet read the books, I'd recommend them for the fast pace, exotic setting, the Lisbeth Salander character and the (anti) violence against women theme.

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