Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rob Recommends Ed Sullivan???

Or perhaps he recommends Sullivan's guests, THE BEATLES!
There's something about watching the early Beatles on a simple stage with simple video and basic audio that brings back the sense of excitement we all felt back then. Well, maybe not we all--I'm exhibiting a bit of babyboomism here. But really, the fresh young faces, the sharing of microphones, the self-conscious grins--I love it! The recent release of a 2-video set of the Complete Ed Sullivan Shows Starring the Beatles is a wonderful walk down memory lane. It's not just the Beatles' 15 songs (they've been released before), but it's all the other period pieces that made up the Ed Sullivan Show: the comedians, singers, novelty acts and even the original commercials. The screaming, tearful, ecstatic fans (and Ed Sullivan's gentle but firm admonitions for them to behave properly) only add to the fun. What's wrong with nostalgia anyway?

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