Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rob recommends Act of Treason by Vince Flynn

If you like Tom Clancy, try Vince Flynn. Or should I say, if you enjoy the likes of Clancy's John Clark, you'll love Flynn's Mitch Rapp. Flynn's protagonist is a top-notch CIA agent who's not keen on rules of engagement. Luckily, he's so good at his job that his higher-ups tend to tolerate his rule-bending, law-breaking, insubordination and all-round orneriness. In Act of Treason, a terrorist, in an apparent attempt to assassinate a presidential candidate, kills the candidate's wife (and a slew of others) instead. Rapp is tasked with bringing the murderer to justice. Finding the killer is one thing, but then, who's behind the fiendish plot? The author delivers a Clancy-load of righteous black ops, bumbling and devious politicians and swashbuckling action. How can you go wrong?

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