Friday, August 27, 2010

Keeping the Feast

I enjoyed Paula Butturini's first-person account of living with a loved one who has severe depression as her portrayal of an excruciatingly painful disease is written with humor, grace and a remarkably keen sense of empathy and understanding. After sustaining a near-fatal gunshot wound while covering the collapse of Romania's communist regime in the 80's, her husband, New York Times correspondent John Tagliabue slides into a severe depression reminiscent of the author's mother's descent years before which resulted in her suicide. This inspiring memoir of love, family, food, friends and healing set against the background of their adopted home in and around Rome, Italy is recommended for all. -DB


  1. Thanks very much for reviewing my book, and for somehow capturing all the essentials of it in a single paragraph. Too many reviewers focus almost exclusively on the food aspects, so it was a real pleasure to read your review. William Styron wrote Darkness Visible to describe to a lay person what it's like for an individual to descend into clinical depression; my book is meant for families living with a family member who is suffering from depression, and though it talks a lot about the illness, it is ultimately a book about hope and healing. Thanks again, Paula Butturini

  2. Ms. Butturini-
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment regarding my blog about 'Keeping the Feast'. It was a thrill to hear from the author herself. Sorry I am so delayed in responding but I just read your comment today! We all feel validated in what we are doing when we receive readers' comments like yours. So any of you who are reading these blogs posted by our librarians, please bring on the comments!