Friday, September 4, 2009

Mike Suggests: Bayou

Bayou by Jeremy Love

Bayou is the first print release from DC’s Zuda line, which begin as web-based comics created by amateurs and voted on by fans. Set in the Deep South during the dark years of Jim Crow, Lee’s life is thrown into turmoil as her sharecropper father is unjustly accused of kidnapping Lily, her white playmate. Setting out to find Lily takes her to the last place Lee saw her, in the bayou—which acts like the looking-glass in the Alice in Wonderland stories, transporting her to a mythological world. If the strength of Bayou is anything to judge by, more Zuda comics will be published in print format and pick up in popularity, and make sure to visit the page for Bayou on Zuda if you’d like to continue beyond the first volume released in print.

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